我在Windows上的git bash遇到了一个非常奇怪的问题.

I am having a really weird issue with git bash on windows.

当我在Visual Studio中工作时,使用存储在tfs服务器中的git repo没问题.我只是分支,承诺和推动.

When I am working in Visual Studio I have no problem working with my git repo stored in a tfs server. I just branched, committed and pushed.

但是当我尝试在我的git bash中执行相同的操作(获取,拉动,推动...)时,我会得到

But when I try to do the same (fetch, pull, push...) in my git bash I get a


我试图删除该存储库并从bash克隆它,但得到相同的错误.删除了与Web/Windows凭据(凭据管理器)中的tfs相关的所有内容,没有进行任何更改. 还尝试使用git config --global --unset credential.helper.仍然没有结果.

I tried to delete the repo and clone it from bash, but get the same error. Deleted everything related to tfs in Web/Windows Credentials (Credential Manager) did not change anything. Also tried to use git config --global --unset credential.helper. Still no result.


Has anyone got such a problem before?

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