在一个Android应用程序我提出的,我希望能够以编程方式清除所有设备上的应用程序的缓存。这已经被问过很多次: 清除应用程序缓存编程? 清除另一个应用程序缓存 大家都说这是不可能没有根。

In an Android app I am making, I want to be able to programmatically clear the cache of all of the apps on the device. This has been asked many times before: Clearing app cache programmatically? Clear another applications cache and everyone says it's not possible without root.


However, this is clearly not the case. If you look at the apps App Cache Cleaner, History Eraser, 1Tap Cleaner, Easy History Cleaner, and countless other similar apps in the Google Play (all of which don't require root) you will realize they can all do this. Therefore, it IS possible to do, but I just cannot find any public examples how to do this.


Does anyone know what all of those apps are doing?


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