我有一个Web应用程序包含数据库使用(C#和SQL EXPRESS)。我在我的本地主机上发布了应用程序,它运行正常。现在我想将它发布到其他公司的远程服务器上,这样我想给他们一个应用程序的许可证,但不是应用程序源代码。我该如何处理它?如何在服务器上安装数据库?


hi every body,

i had a web application contains database using (C# and SQL EXPRESS). i was published the application on my local host and it is run correctly. now i want to publish it to the remote server on other company, such that i want to give them a license of the application but not application source code. how can i deal with it and how can i install them the database on there server?

thank you

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