Windows Azure-将.NET Web应用程序传输到Azure

我希望有人可以在Windows Azure上回答一些简短的问题.我知道这有点偷懒,但是涵盖Azure的Microsoft网站似乎是针对半技术项目负责人和完整的业务指标的,它们似乎从未真正提供过关于方法"的简短概述.

I was hoping someone could answer some brief questions on windows Azure. I know this is a bit lazy, but the Microsoft websites covering Azure seem to be directed at semi technical project leads and full of business metrics - they never really seem to give a good short overview of the 'how'.

我有一个ASP.NET Web应用程序,需要做一些工作来辅助扩展(那里有一些蜘蛛型进程和一个相当大的数据库.它还对外部Web服务进行了许多调用).

I have an ASP.NET web application that requires some work to assist with scale (there's some spider type processes in there and a pretty large database. It also makes many calls to outside web services).


  1. 从开发角度看-从标准iis/sql服务器类型设置为Azure移植应用程序有多容易.是否涉及很多编码.我已经开始播放一个培训视频,您可以对面料"等进行编程.将应用程序转换为Azure真的可行吗?

  1. From a development point of view - how easy is it to port an application from standard iis / sql server type set up to Azure. Is there much coding involved. I've gone as far as starting a training video that has you programming the 'fabric' etc. Is it really practical to convert an application to Azure?

我听说您可以在Azure中运行Windows Server 2008 R2实例-这是否意味着您不必使用Azure特定的SDK进行编程,而只需将iis/sql服务器设置为天蓝色并立即利用可扩展性的好处?

I've heard that you can run Windows Server 2008 R2 instances in Azure - does this mean you don't necessarily have to program with Azure specific SDK, and can just move your iis / sql server set up to azure and utilise benefits of scalablility immediately?

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