I intent on creating a PHP application that regularly calls into an ASP.Net website to check for updates and then make another call to download updates).

  • I will be using SSL for transport security.
  • The clients need to be PHP as they run other bespoke bash commands.
  • I will need to download data and I've not decided what form.

Can anyone please suggest for my .net application:

  • How to restrict access to the server (I won't know incoming request IP's)?
  • The best structured data transport mechanism? maybe I could use JSON?

nb. if I can create a web service that PHP could consume that's even better!

我打算创建一个PHP应用程序,定期调用ASP.Net网站来检查更新然后再创建另一个 打电话下载更新。 p>

  • 我将使用SSL进行传输安全。 li>
  • 客户端需要使用PHP才能运行其他服务器 bespoke bash命令。 li>
  • 我需要下载数据而我还没决定使用什么表格。 li> ul>

    任何人都可以建议 我的.net应用程序: p>

    • 如何限制对服务器的访问(我不知道传入的请求IP)? li>
    • 最好的 结构化数据传输机制? 也许我可以使用JSON? li> ul>

      nb。 如果我可以创建一个PHP可以使用的Web服务,那就更好了! p> div>

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