Can any one please advice how to parse nuSOAP headers and checking the username/password/Signature from the below SOAP Request

    <SOAP-ENV:Header xmlns:wsa="">

i.e: i need to parse this header on server side and validate the credentials for every request.

任何人都可以建议如何解析nuSOAP标题并检查用户名/密码/签名 code >来自以下SOAP请求 p>

 &lt; SOAP-ENV:Header&gt; 
&lt; SOAP-ENV:Header xmlns:wsa =“http://admin.example。  com“&gt; 
&lt;用户名&gt; testuser&lt; /用户名&gt; 
&lt;密码&gt; test123456&lt; /密码&gt; 
&lt;签名&gt; 5595610031002&lt; /签名&gt; 
&lt; / SOAP-ENV:标题&gt; 
  &lt; / SOAP-ENV:Header&gt; 
  code>  pre> 

ie:我需要在服务器端解析此标头并验证每个请求的凭据。 p> div>

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