Facebook - 从Android应用程序发布到墙上


Post to wall from Android application...

   parameters.putString("app_id", mAppId);
   parameters.putString("picture", "http://fbrell.com/f8.jpg");
   parameters.putString("name", "Facebook Dialog");            
   parameters.putString("caption", "Reference Documentation");   
   parameters.putString("description", "Dialogs provide simple interface applications...");
   parameters.putString("message", "Facebook Dialogs are easy!");

我已经指定了上述参数,每次我得到空白对话(标题为发贴到你的墙) - 当我点击发布按钮 - 它会在给定的帐户上发布正确的值...所以没有任何问题涉及将参数值摆到墙上,但我不知道为什么我得到balnk对话框! p>

I have specified above parameters and every time I am getting blank dialog (with title "Post to your wall") - and when I click on "Publish" button - it post correct values on given account... so there is no issue relate to posing parameter values to wall, but I do not know why I am getting balnk dialog!

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