WCF - 将数据从 Web 应用程序推送到 Windows 窗体应用程序

我不确定要问什么,因为我对 WCF 很陌生.所以我会试着解释我在做什么.我需要创建一个带有文本框和按钮的网络应用程序.在 button_click 文本框中的数据应该推送到一个应该部署到客户端的 win 表单应用程序上.那么连接它们的是 wcf 服务.我并不是在寻找代码作为解决方案,而是在寻找理论或我所缺少的东西.谢谢.

I am not sure though what exactly to ask since im very new to WCF. So I'll try to explain what I am doing. I need to create a web app with textbox and button. On button_click the data in the textbox should be push on a win form app supposedly to be deployed to a client. So what's connecting them is the wcf service. I am not exactly looking for codes as solution rather a theory or what I am missing. Thanks.

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